Am I allowed to integrate my chatbot across multiple websites?

Yes. With getchat, we place no restrictions on the number of websites where you can embed your chatbot. This means you have the freedom to deploy your getchat Chatbot on as many sites as you wish, ensuring a consistent and responsive interaction platform across all your web properties.

Does getchat utilize GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 for its operations?

At getchat, we prioritize providing flexibility to our users. As such, you have the liberty to choose between GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 for your interactions. The credit consumption differs based on the version you opt for: a single answer from our chatbot using GPT-3.5 consumes 1 credit, whereas an answer with GPT-4 utilizes 20 credits. With our various subscription models, you will have an inclusive range of 1,000 to 30,000 credits each month. The choice rests with you based on your requirements and the plan you're subscribed to.

Can you elaborate on the differences between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4?

GPT-4 is a more advanced iteration compared to GPT-3.5. One of its significant enhancements lies in its improved comprehension of user content. While both versions are proficient, GPT-4 exhibits superior performance, especially when handling languages other than English. This means that users can expect more nuanced and accurate responses, particularly in diverse linguistic contexts, when using GPT-4.

What will occur if I exhaust my message credits?

Should you run out of message credits, the chatbot won't leave your users hanging. Instead of processing further responses, the chatbot will display a designated contact email address, directing users to get in touch with you directly. This ensures continuous communication and allows your users to have an avenue for their queries or concerns even when the chatbot has reached its credit limit.

Is there an option for me to acquire more credits if I run out?

Absolutely! We understand that sometimes you might require more interactions than your plan provides. To accommodate this, we offer the option to purchase extra message credits across all subscription plans. For just $7.90, you can obtain an additional 1,000 message credits. To give you perspective, this translates to either 1,000 responses if you're using GPT-3.5 or 50 responses with GPT-4. We strive to ensure that you always have the resources you need to maintain seamless communication.

What occurs if I exceed the character limit specified in my plan?

Should you exceed the character limit designated by your subscription plan, your chatbot will continue to function based on the most recent set of data that was within the limit. In other words, your bot remains trained on the last dataset that didn't surpass the character restrictions. We proactively notify you when such an event occurs, allowing you to take necessary action to stay within the bounds of your plan or consider upgrading.

Is embedding the only method to use the chatbot?

Not at all! While embedding is a popular choice for seamless integration on websites, you're not limited to just that. You can also share a direct link to your getchat Chatbot, allowing users to access and interact with it directly without the need for embedding. This offers flexibility in how you choose to provide chatbot access to your audience.

Could you explain the process of automatic crawling of websites?

Automatic crawling is a process where our system scans and analyzes websites to gather information. When you provide us with your website address, our crawler doesn't just stop at your main page. Instead, it delves deeper by inspecting every linked page stemming from your provided address. This thorough examination ensures we capture a comprehensive understanding of the content and structure of your website and any interconnected sites.

What steps can I take to ensure my chatbot content remains current?

Keeping your chatbot content up-to-date is crucial for providing a relevant and effective user experience. At getchat, we offer multiple approaches to keep your chatbot trained and up-to-date:

Automated Updates: Depending on your subscription plan, we also provide automated update frequencies. These can be set to monthly, weekly, or even daily intervals. With these automated processes in place, your chatbot's content will be refreshed at the interval you select, without requiring any manual intervention on your part.

Manual Training: You can manually initiate training to update your chatbot based on newly added or altered content. This allows for immediate updates whenever you see fit.

Is there an option to input content manually for the chatbot?

Yes. While our system is designed to pull content from your website through automated crawling, we also provide the flexibility for manual input. Alongside the content from your website, you have the option to add static pages or additional information manually. This feature ensures that you can incorporate any specific details or data that might not be present on your website but is essential for the chatbot's responses.

Is there a limitation on the length of my individual web pages when using getchat?

While individual pages don't have a set length limitation, there's an aggregate character limit you should be aware of for all of your sources combined. Depending on the subscription plan you opt for with getchat, you have an overall character limit ranging from 250 thousand to 25 million characters for all your sources. It's essential to monitor this cumulative count to ensure that you stay within the boundaries of your selected plan and to maximize the efficacy of your chatbot interactions.

How can I optimize the chatbot to provide accurate answers to my visitors' questions?

Ensuring the chatbot provides accurate and relevant responses is a combination of effective learning and manual content management:

Website Learning: The chatbot primarily acquires its knowledge from the content of your website. As it gleans information from your site, it becomes better equipped to answer questions that relate to the provided content.

Manual Content Addition: In scenarios where your website might not cover certain topics or specifics, you have the option to manually add static content. This allows you to supplement the chatbot's knowledge base with information that may not be explicitly present on your website but is crucial for accurately addressing certain user queries.

By integrating both automated learning and manual content updates, you can tailor the chatbot to cater to the unique needs and questions of your visitors effectively.

Is there a free plan available with getchat?

We do not have a standalone free plan in our offering. However, we prioritize our customers' satisfaction. To ensure you have a seamless experience and to give you a firsthand taste of our services, every new subscription is equipped with 1,000 free message credits. This bonus allows you to extensively test and familiarize yourself with your chatbot, ensuring its efficiency and reliability, all while not impacting your regular monthly credit allowance.

How does getchat ensure the data privacy of my users?

At getchat, ensuring the data privacy of all users is a top priority, and we've set up multiple mechanisms to uphold this.

getchat operates from Germany and we adhere to the rigorous data protection standards outlined by the EU-GDPR. We have established data processing agreements, also referred to as data protection addendums, with all our subprocessors. These agreements ensure that every entity that comes into contact with user data meets our stringent privacy standards.

For interactions facilitated through the chat system, messages are handled and processed within the EU on our Microsoft Azure cloud server. It's important to note that messages processed through Microsoft Azure are not used for further training of the models. Conversations initiated by your users with the chatbot are stored on our platform for a duration of 1 year. However, if you choose to delete a specific conversation within that time frame, it will be immediately removed from our system.`

For a holistic understanding of our approach to data privacy, you are encouraged to peruse our privacy policy. Additionally, for insights into the data handling practices of our partners, the privacy policy of Microsoft Azure ( is accessible for review.